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                  Who is he?

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 Arthur is a professional freelance tourist guide who brings the history, culture and environment  

 of the island of Jersey to life. He caters for individuals, groups, families or businesses; with his

 extensive knowledge of the island he is able to create a tour based on any particular theme or

 interest. He arranges site visits, refreshments and transport, so that your stay is effortless,

 enjoyable and invigorating.


 Born and brought up in Jersey, and having lived here all his life, he can give you a true flavour

 of Jersey, taking you to places unknown even to islanders, and encountering interesting local

 people along the way. He provides a richer and more fulfilling experience to the visitor, offering

 them many unique and unusual aspects of island life.


  He is Blue Badge accredited, a member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding, Explore! Adventure

 Holidays trained.


              Who is he?

               discover an island that lies beyond the reach of the everyday visitor...  see Jersey with arthur the blue badge guide

      email: [email protected]   telephone: +44 (0) 1534 853525   mobile: 07797713592      

       Arthur Lamy,  36 Le Jardin du Hogard,  La Grande Route de St.Martin,  St.Martin,  Jersey,  JE3 6JP

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