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Don't forget we can organise tours based on a particular theme, with transport, site visits and refreshments in place.

Just phone or email with your requirements and we'll do the rest.

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The principle benefit of a private tour is that it can be focused on a particular subject or theme, it can be carried out at a time to suit the client, and any specific transportation or refreshment requirements can also be included.



Private tours can be organised for individuals, families or groups of people. Often, it can be both more cost effective, and a better use of time than taking an already organised excursion. You have the guide entirely to yourself which makes questions easier to ask and to respond to, and this also makes 'a change in plans' much easier to facilitate.



 Don't forget that we can organise tours based on a particulat theme or interest. We organise transport, site visits and refreshments based on your specific  requirements. We are prompt, polite and thorough.

Finally, while there are hundreds of tourist guides in Jersey, very few were born here and have lived all their life on the island, and fewer still have any Public Liability insurance or First Aid training.



Call or email today: [email protected]

Telephone: +44 (0) 1534 853525